October 16, 2012

DEBATE PROGNOSTICATION:  Looking into the ol’ crystal ball, I see the following in tonight’s presidential debate:

1.  Candy Crowley hones in on abortion (Roe v. Wade, specifically) and contraception and tries to paint Romney as a threat to lady parts and a “flip flopper”

2.  Crowley throws Obama a softball on Benghazi and gives him plenty of room to blame the 9/11 events on Hillary and intel

3.  Crowley hits Romney on Romneycare and (again) tries to paint Romney as a flipper

4.  Crowley asks both candidates about gay marriage, asking Romney something along the lines of “Governor, do you support the right of two adults of the same gender to obtain equal treatment in marriage?” (or some other sickeningly one-sided phraseology)

5.  Crowley pushes Romney to explain his tax reform plan, but doesn’t ask Obama to explain his

6.  Crowley interrupts Mitt on several occasions, asks him pointed followup questions, but uses a soft touch with the President, and never interrupts him once.

I hope I’m wrong, but I’ll post again after the debate to say either “oops” or “told ya so!”

UPDATE:   Yes, it’s a town hall format, but these questions will come up and Crowley will set the tone.

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