October 12, 2012

STILL MORE FROM SEN. BOB CORKER: Corker Questions Vice President for Misleading on Deadly Terrorist Attacks in Benghazi.

“The vice president’s comments last night about the situation in Benghazi, which claimed the lives of four Americans, absolutely do not square with facts on the ground in Libya,” said Corker. “Within 24 hours of the incident, the administration knew that this was an orchestrated terrorist attack, and they clearly were aware of the specific details, including requests for additional security, that have finally been made public this week. With the vice president continuing this ruse with his comments last night, all Americans should ask what the administration is trying to hide.”


UPDATE: Intel sources: Video from Benghazi attack debunks administration claim about protests. “They’re hoping to identify known jihadists among the perpetrators, but Lake reports the tapes have already made one thing clear. There was no protest at the Benghazi consulate that day.”

MORE: Biden Burdens His Boss. “Vice president Biden did precisely what he should not have done: Open up more questions and create more problems for the president. The next debate will consist in large part of President Obama debating his vice president on everything from taxes to Libya. Obama is once again on defense with 3½ weeks to go in the race.”

MORE STILL: Toby Harnden: Ghost of Al Gore will haunt smirking, interrupting Joe Biden as he fibs about what spies and generals told Obama administration.

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