October 5, 2012

THE MANCHURIAN HANDKERCHIEF: As Ace writes, “Debate Truthers: Liberals Can’t Believe Their God Bled, So They’re Claiming Romney Cheated.”  He had a magic handkerchief apparently, which you can see in action here.

Shades of the 2004 debate between Bush and Kerry, when the left’s conspiracy du jour was that GWB wore magic Wi-Fi-transmitter, as even liberal New York magazine notes today:

Just as George W. Bush was accused by Internet sleuths of wearing a wire during a 2004 debate with John Kerry, online paranoids have decided that Mitt Romney must have cheated to win Wednesday’s presidential face-off. A slow-motion YouTube clip circulating today shows Romney removing something from his pocket as he approaches the podium, and if it were pre-written zingers, that would be a violation of the debate’s “no props, notes, charts, diagrams, or other writings” rule. That theory has been floated by the usual suspects of left-leaning message boards, including Democratic Underground, Daily Kos, and Reddit, but even made its way to CBS. Juicy! Except it was a handkerchief.

Our crack team of research assistants has helped us track down secret test footage of the original prototype of Gov. Romney’s customized debate handkerchief undergoing rigorous R&D testing:

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