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October 4, 2012

STEPHANOPOULOS EMBARRASSES HIMSELF: Well, we need to narrow it down a bit, as that headline covers far too much territory. What John Nolte specifically wrote at Big Journalism was, “Stephanopoulos Embarrasses Himself: ‘Does a tie go to the challenger?'”

Last night was easily the most decisive and crushing debate performance in the history of presidential debates. And yet, Stephanopoulos (a Democratic operative disguised as a news man) immediately attempted to spin an obvious and devastating loss for Obama into a …. draw.

But none of this is surprising. We all saw it coming a mile away. Last night, Stephanopoulos tee’d up his spin before the debate and he also has an almost perfect record of immediately spinning debate victories for Democrats.

Think about how pathetic and partisan George Stephanopoulos really is. Even his Clinton-era colleague James Carville (who doesn’t disguise himself as a journalist) admitted Romney ate Obama’s lunch last night. But Stephanopoulos is so partisan and so corrupt and such a propagandist liar that even in the face of an undeniable reality he just couldn’t bring himself to acknowledge it.

For reaction, let’s go to Stephanopoulos’ on-air colleague, Diane Sawyer:

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