October 1, 2012

CRADLE TO GRAVE SERVICE: “Huh? The Washington Post Company buys a hospice:”

Michael Roston, Social Media Producer at  NYTimes.com, says the Washington Post Company bought a zoo. We’re pretty sure Roston is joking, but the truth is almost as surprising:

The Washington Post Co. said Monday that it has agreed to acquire a majority stake in Celtic Healthcare, a provider of skilled home health-care and hospice services in the northeastern and mid-Atlantic regions.

The purchase price was not disclosed, but Donald E. Graham, chief executive of The Washington Post Co., said in a statement that the acquisition is “part of the Post Co.’s ongoing strategy of investing in companies with demonstrated earnings potential and strong management teams attracted to our long-term investment horizon.”

A few years ago, Old Media built for itself what John Podhoretz dubbed “The News Mausoleum;” why not build the antechamber as well?

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