October 1, 2012

IF WALL STREET BANKERS HATE OBAMA SO MUCH, HOW COME THEY’RE SHOWERING HIM WITH CAMPAIGN CASH? Check out the top five organization employees giving to Obama, as compiled by CNS.com and OpenSecrets.org.

WELL, THAT’S EMBARRASSING! Seems I mis-read the CNS graph regarding Wall Street contributions. Had I read it correctly, the headline here would have said WALL STREET BANKERS LOVE ROMNEY SO MUCH, THEY’RE SHOWERING HIM WITH CAMPAIGN CASH. For the record, Obama’s top five include: University of California, Microsoft, Google, Harvard and the U.S. government. My apologies to Obama, Romney, CNS.com, OpenSecrets.org, Glenn Reynolds and, most importantly, Instapundit’s readers. And my thanks to my good friend at the Sunlight Foundation, Bill Allison, for so diplomatically pointing out that I royally, totally, and I do mean completely, screwed this one up.

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