September 28, 2012

JUST NBC THE SCHIZOPHRENIA: Note these dueling items at Newsbusters:

● “Economic growth grew at an incredibly sluggish 1.3 percent in the second quarter, revised down from 1.7 percent. According to business writer Jim Pethokoukis, this is ‘dangerously slow.’ However, NBC skipped the bad news for Barack Obama entirely. ABC allowed it a mere 21 seconds. CBS was the only network to allow the story a full report.”

● “Leno: ‘We Wasted Four Years Waiting For Obama To Do Something About The Economy.’”

Glenn already linked to Rand Simberg’s take on Leno goofing on Obama, which assumes that the general public is well aware of the basic underlying news story, even though the news department has completely ignored it.

I’m not sure how it will play out again this year, but I’ve seen this story before.

RELATED: Speaking of just NBCing the network’s schizophrenia, the corporatist network “debunks bacon shortage myth by citing … free-market economics,” Ed Morrissey notes at Hot Air.

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