September 27, 2012

WOMEN TAKE NOTICE: GUN RIGHTS AT RISK IN NOVEMBER ELECTION:  In all the talk about the starkness of the choice voters face between Obama and Romney on issues of foreign policy and the economy, another critically important right is being almost forgotten:  The Second Amendment’s right to keep and bear arms.

In this sober op-ed in the Daily Caller by lawyer Gail Trotter, she reminds us that the right to own guns for self defense is important to everyone, but particularly women, who generally are unable to fend off an attack without a weapon.  The election of President Obama will mean four more years of the power to appoint Supreme Court Justices, and the Court’s conclusion in 2008 that the Second Amendments right to “keep and bear arms” included, well, an actual right to keep and bear arms (including handguns), was a shockingly close 5-4 decision.  One more liberal/progressive Justice on the Supreme Court would likely alter this result, reinterpreting the Second Amendment to protect only the right of the “militia” to keep and bear arms.

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