September 24, 2012

WILL OBAMA FREE THE BLIND SHEIK?  Former AG Michael Mukasey notes that the Obama Administration’s responses to press inquiries– yes, actually press inquiries by the MSM! [insert happy dance here]– are equivocal at best:

The State Department’s spokesperson last week, after the ceremonial “let me be clear,” said that there had been no approach on this topic “recently” from any “senior” official of the Egyptian government—an elucidation laden with ambiguity and certain to send chills up the spine of anyone familiar with Abdel Rahman’s record and President Morsi’s inclinations.

All of this plays out in the context of an Obama administration that hasn’t hesitated to employ executive orders to get around Congress, led by a president who was caught on a “hot mike” assuring Russia’s leaders that if he wins re-election he will have more “flexibility” to accommodate Russian demands that the U.S. curtail missile defense in Europe.

It appears that the only course open now is for Congress to demand an unequivocal statement from the State Department and the White House that the U.S. will not transfer or release Abdel Rahman under any circumstances. Absent such assurance, it may be time for Congress to make clear that such a transfer or release could be considered the kind of gross betrayal of public trust that would justify removal from high office.

And of course the real reason for the murder of the US ambassador to Libya and assaults on US installations worldwide isn’t some lame Muhammed video, but raw anti-Americanism and a concerted effort to free the Sheik.

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