September 24, 2012

LIBYA THREATENS HILLARY’S LEGACY — and State Does Damage Control:

On Saturday night, State Department spokesperson Philipe Reines slammed CNN for its “disgusting” handling of Ambassador Christopher Stevens’ diary. The diary helped confirm, as the network reported, that Stevens had been worried about the threat of an Al Qaeda attack, and even feared his own name was included on a hit list.

The blockbuster news contradicted the line the State Department and the administration had been pushing since the horrible tragedy took place almost two weeks ago: that there was no intelligence of a coming attack. In fact, the Ambassador himself was aware of a persistent high level threat against him.

“Perhaps the real question here,” CNN responded to the State Department criticism, “Is why is the State Department now attacking the messenger.”

That is the real question, and State Department’s bizarre criticism of CNN gives clues to the answer. Foggy Bottom is now in full-on damage control mode, with the primary goal of keeping Hillary Clinton’s legacy in Libya — and in Washington — intact.

The media used to be thrilled to do damage control for Hillary — witness Viacom in 2001, and ABC/Disney in 2006. But Time-Warner-CNN-HBO has to do everything it can to drag their candidate over the finish line, even if it means tossing Hillary under the proverbial Obamabus.

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