September 8, 2012

JIM BENNETT EMAILS THAT TO THE FOLKS AT SLATE it’s “Trolling” to accurately report on what Democrats do. He adds: “Of course it only applies to righties reporting what lefties said. The other way around, it’s called ‘Pulitzer Prize material’.” Yes. The “trolls” did actual reporting rather than just reprinting press releases. Key bit:

The Examiner, Washington Times, and Center for American Freedom’s teams were only fractions of the size of the CNN or New York Times teams in Charlotte. But they wrote the convention’s distracting stories.

Well, yes. It’s usually “distracting” when you report what actually happened, rather than regurgitating the press releases and talking points.

UPDATE: Ace: “Why do these stories come from the conservative press? Because the ‘mainstream’ press, which is of course actually liberal, does not want to cover them. They refuse to report on them. The conservative press is thus left with scoops, which they develop.”

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