September 5, 2012


Bonnie Pollak, a Democrat, weighed her options. Should she be loyal to her spouse, respect his legal right and mail the ballot? Or remain faithful to her deeply held beliefs and suppress his vote?

“It was a real dilemma,” says Ms. Pollak, 58 years old, a student in a doctoral program in social welfare who lives in Manhattan. “I decided to do the right thing.”

Ms. Pollak threw the ballot away.

Nice to know where her loyalties lie. Reader Tung Yin, who sent the link, comments: “I don’t think we should tar either party with the actions of clearly unethical individuals, but it is interesting that someone would not just throw away her spouse’s absentee ballot, but feel comfortable talking about it to the press! And to continue to believe that it was the ‘right thing’ to throw away the ballot.” It’s a religious thing with these people. In place of, you know, actual religion.

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