September 5, 2012

YOU DIDN’T FILL THAT: #EMPTYSTADIUMDAY. Hey, who could have foreseen a chance of thunderstorms in North Carolina in the summer? Or a threat of lightning? So they had to move indoors. Unexpectedly!

UPDATE: Hey, wait a minute: “October 2008 in Pennsylvania: ‘A little bit of rain never hurt anybody’.”

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Kevin Hedges writes:

The Democrats should have no problem at all proving that Obama’s speech was moved indoors due to the weather and not due to poor turnout. All they need to do is point to the 50,000 convention-goers who would have attended the speech but now can’t. My guess is that most of them are from Milwaukee.

I must say, I have read your blog over the years for the variety of links, but I’m loving all the jokes lately. Granted, it’s the material, but still.

It’s a target-rich environment.

MORE: Limbaugh laughs.

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