August 31, 2012

FROM BRYAN PRESTON: Video: Protesters Threaten Tatler Editor on Last Night of GOP Convention. “Now, the clips don’t say much more than what I’ve said above, but here’s a real kicker: The Obama Department of Justice was caught on tape earlier, helping the occupiers right here in Tampa. I find that both very interesting and deeply disturbing. If we had a Congress that wasn’t in the grip of the Reid faction in the Senate, there might be an investigation of why the government appeared to be playing both sides of the convention protest, keeping the peace on the one hand while also disturbing the peace on the other.”

More on the lame protest effort here: “The showing was pathetic; my friend and I counted 200 at the most for any given rally or march. Fifteen thousand reportedly were expected. Most news outlets reported a vague ‘hundreds’ actually showing up. The showing was a combination of professional activists, the homeless, the schizophrenic, the addicted, and the disenfranchised young. A Voice of America article that claimed “hundreds” of young people took to the streets of Tampa this week is true only if one holds a very loose definition of ‘young.'”

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