August 29, 2012

DAN RIEHL BUSTS THE L.A. TIMES FOR RACISM. “Reaching back for old stereotypes in some twisted attempt to maintain the political status quo in America doesn’t take talent, originality, or even creativity. It only takes a small mind and a form of bigotry we have already grown too accustomed to in a seemingly unrepentant and non-rehab-able old media.”

Well, to be fair, the L.A. Times folks probably got their impressions from watching MSNBC.

Related: Why is Harold Meyerson so racist? “So let me get this straight; Meyerson believes that talking about work-to-welfare is a racist dog whistle because, in his own mind, he links welfare to the African-American community. This says a lot more about his own stereotypes than it does about the Republican Party, and certainly the Republicans that I know. When I think of welfare, and food stamps for that matter, an entirely different image comes to mind. I think of my time working at Kroger, where I watched a group of people, almost entirely white and southern themselves, misuse the EBT (food stamp) program to buy unnecessary and expensive products while ignoring the essentials.”

Yes, if you think “welfare abuse” automatically means “black people,” then you’ve made clear who the racist is.

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