August 22, 2012


Does Liz Warren really believe that Scott Brown is pro-rape? Or wants to somehow “redefine rape” in a way that would hurt women or benefit racists?

Of course not.

But is Liz Warren willing to smear Scott Brown by suggesting he’d do all this — and more — as part of a “war on women?”

She already has. . . . This is how low Liz Warren is willing to go, how much of her own dignity she’s willing to destroy, just to — as her campaign put it in a fundraising mailer — “win back Ted Kennedy’s seat.”

Ah, yes, Ted Kennedy. The exemplar of the virtuous treatment of women . . .

The self-proclaimed intellectual force behind the Occupy movement needs to step up and take responsibility for all the Occupy rapes, then. Maybe some of the fiercely independent Massachusetts press corps will raise this with her.

UPDATE: Reader Paul Jackson writes: “Guess who’s writing her speech for the Dem convention? A cartoon character from Doonesbury (yes, that comic strip still appears, albeit on the editorial page, of my Baltimore Sun). Pretty much sums up how she’s run her campaign so far doesn’t it? The storyline has been running for about a week now and I haven’t seen a word about her Occupy rhetoric or alleged Indian lineage. I guess Trudeau gets all his news from the NYT and other traditional media outlets and is unaware of her campaign’s struggles.”

ANOTHER UPDATE: Ho hum. Another Democrat shiny object. “The Democrats, in the midst of a Medicare battle that is giving them unexpected trouble and a welfare mess of their own making, are scrambling to raise what Democrats like to call ‘wedge’ issues when Republicans bring them up. It is reminiscent of Gov. Bob McDonnell’s 17-point win, when the Democrats and much of the media wanted to talk about McDonnell’s school thesis (I kid you not) on social issues. What mesmerizes Democratic elites is often irrelevant to actual voters.”

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