August 15, 2012

VIA JUSTIN BINIK-THOMAS a photo of Paul Ryan speaking at Miami U. Of Ohio:

More photos here. And a Miami-Ohio reader emails: “Granted, as an alum, Paul Ryan could expect a nice crowd at Miami U; but what’s really amazing is that most freshmen don’t move in until tomorrow and most upperclassmen not until the weekend. Given Miami’s bucolic, rural setting (i.e. in the middle of nowhere), I imagine most of those folks drove at least 30 minutes from Dayton or Cincinnati. My daughter–who’s heading back on Friday–is bummed she missed him, but she’s looking forward to casting her first vote this November for a fellow RedHawk (Redskin in his case, but that’s a political story of a different sort). If it’s a tight race in Ohio, the Miami alumni base voting for one of their own could make the difference.”

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