August 11, 2012

SO IN THIS PICTURE, President (then Candidate) Barack Obama is reading Fareed Zakaria’s, The Post-American World.

So how does that photo hold up today? Same resonance as it had back in 2008?

And let me once again suggest something Obama should have been reading in 2008. It might have imparted a bit of intellectual, or at least political, humility. Though probably not . . . .

Plus, More on Fareed Zakaria from Ed Driscoll. Bonus tie-it-all-together quote:

So a “journalist” completely in the tank for the man who says “you didn’t build that,” (and as James Taranto has noted, “Unearned success is the central theme of [Obama’s] life story”) may not have written wide swatches of own his columns. Seems logical in a Bizarro World sort of way if true.

And Bizarro World is where we live these days.

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