August 8, 2012

UTAH: America’s Utopia?

A new Gallup poll confirms what we already suspected at Via Meadia: despite incessant insinuations in the MSM that life among the Latter Day Saints could be anything other than a hell on earth, Mormon Utah is the most pleasant state in the union to live in. More than half a million Americans were asked to assess the states using a range of metrics from availability of good jobs to workplace relations to standard of living to optimism about the future, health, and education quality . . . . Contrary to what we’ve seen in the NYT, the tolerant, hard-working Mormons in Utah seem to be doing just fine, judging by many Americans’ standards. Perhaps Mitt Romney shouldn’t hide his Mormonism but confidently own it and be proud of his religion’s focus on values, strong communities, public service, and compassion for the poor and sick.

Doesn’t fit the narrative.

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