July 19, 2012

MORE MOCKERY: #OBAMAKIDSBOOKS. I like The Little Engine That Couldn’t Without Federal Assistance. Also, My Little Crony. And Fast and Furious George is pretty good. So is Heather Has Two Mommies Without Jobs. And Solynderella.

UPDATE: Reader Sean-David Hubbard writes: “I wonder if Obama’s comments in Roanoke might have become his Macaca moment.” Well, the Macaca thing was driven by the press. The press will do its best to ignore this one.

ANOTHER UPDATE: I was just talking on the phone with a friend who said: “Without me doing anything, my net worth has dropped 40% since Obama took office. I didn’t do that. He did.” Ouch.

MORE: Matt Szekely sends: Clifford, the big red delicious dog

And reader Jed Kane writes: “Green Jobs and Scams. I do not like them Sam, I am.”

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