July 9, 2012

ELIZABETH WARREN’S ONGOING CHEROKEE PROBLEMS: You know, all she had to say was that she thought she was part Cherokee, because that was what her family told her, and that now it looks like she was wrong. Which I expect was the truth. People would have understood. Everybody has “family lore,” and some of it doesn’t hold up in the era of Ancestry.com. Instead, she doubled down. But the Cherokee thing, though fun for a lot of people, isn’t the big problem in my opinion. It’s this:

At this point, Warren is little more than the machine candidate, recruited in DC by, among others, Sen. Chuck Schumer (who has sent at least one of his staffers to Boston for the duration).

Most important: Warren’s campaign biography, so craftily constructed over so many years, lies in ruins. Not only did she drive an MG in high school, she only traded in her BMW 528i for a Ford hybrid last year, just before the campaign began.

Her academic bona fides have been savaged in the blogs, and opposition researchers have shown that she was a prodigious house-flipper and home-foreclosure speculator in her old hometown of Oklahoma City.

Her campaign literature still denounces the deregulated credit industry that “squeezed families harder, hawking dangerous mortgages.” Dangerous for many, but profitable for Liz Warren.

In one 1993 transaction, she bought a house for $30,000, then flipped it five months later for $145,000 — a 383 percent gain. Not bad for the woman who less than a year ago bragged of crafting the “intellectual foundations” for Occupy Wall Street.

Given how OWS turned out, that brag should be disqualifying all by itself.

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