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June 28, 2012

THEY’LL BE PROTESTING OBAMACARE at the Capitol in Denver tomorrow at noon. If you’re in Colorado Springs or Loveland, you can get a ride.

UPDATE: Florida reader Mike Thompson writes:

I attended my first tea party event tonight.

I´m a long time traditional R voter. Wow, was I surprised. The tea party members believe in what I believe in, and they are far more motivated than the members of the local Republican club.

I´ve found a new home. Thanks SCOTUS.

In addition, my FL county is a new Cong. district without an incumbent. The tea party may make the difference in the primary.

If you attend any of these, send pictures and a report. Like these, from St. Louis.

UPDATE: Jim Hoft emails: “Glenn- I ran into five people tonight in St. Louis who said this was their first Tea Party rally!” I’m not surprised.

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