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June 26, 2012

UTAH: David Kirkham emails: “Today is the Utah primary. My sister got two, yes two, absentee ballots in the mail with DIFFERENT voter ballot numbers and bar codes. I couldn’t believe it so I went to her house saw it for myself. We called our State Senator, Curt Bramble, to alert him of the problem. He is a bulldog. He has been growling at the County Clerk’s office all day. So far they have admitted to 12 duplicate ballots (disturbingly, no one but my sister has come forward yet). We are all for increased voter participation, but I think we need to look carefully into voting by mail to make sure elections are fair, open, and transparent. Lest anyone think this isn’t a big deal, my sister lost her race for city council by 5 votes.”

Well, it could just be a glitch, but when the establishment has closed ranks this way, irregularities do seem suspicious.

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