June 2, 2012

THE HILL: Jobs Report Upends 2012 Race.

A dismal May jobs report is being perceived as a possible game-changer in the presidential battle between President Obama and Mitt Romney, with Republicans saying the numbers provide further proof that the economy isn’t improving.

The report showing unemployment increasing to 8.2 percent and the creation of only 69,000 jobs shook some Democrats, crystallizing their fears that the economy could tip the election in Romney’s favor in November.

It also threatened to turn Obama’s argument that the economy is improving on its head and provided flashbacks to the spring economic slowdown of last year.

“It is a little scary,” said one former White House official. “There’s no sugarcoating this one.”

Another former administration official called it an “ ‘Oh, s–t’ moment.”

“It’s not good,” the former official said. “I’ll say this, I’m glad it’s June and not October.”

Well, you take your comfort where you can find it, I guess.

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