May 30, 2012

WEIGHT LOSS UPDATE: Reader Michael Wallace writes:

I have been trying to lose about 20 pounds the last couple of years and failing. I have seen your comments on weight loss and mostly looked past them. Then April 20th you recommended the LiveStrong app and pointed out that “dieting” may be a permanent condition for many. For some reason it clicked: there is so much food around us it is very very very difficult to lose weight if you don’t count the calories.

So I bought LiveStrong for my iPhone and began using it on April 21. Since then I have dropped 21 pounds and am measuring everything I consume. Doing so is a fascinating exercise…who knew how small a portion an ounce of ham is? Or how many calories there were in a piece of cornbread The first couple weeks were “different”, but not painful. And I have continued to consume high quality Colorado craft beer, California red wine and Kentucky’s own Broadbent bacon along the way.


P.S. There are probably better apps. There are several things I dislike about LiveStrong, but using it worked.

P.P.S. My daughter, the oil field engineer, is a second generation Instapundit reader. Her news sites didn’t cover the “Obama ate the dog” stuff and she wanted to know where I got news like that. Pepperoni, not pupperoni Barack! Still slays me.

Yes, I didn’t put a lot of research into the Livestrong app — it worked for a friend’s wife so I got it. There may be better ones, but it works. I use it for maintenance; I dropped a few vanity pounds last year, but I’m basically where I want to be. But as I said a while back, in today’s society, most of us have to make a conscious effort not to be fat. It’s a good way to keep track of what you’re eating. I also favor the Gary Taubes approach, seasoned heavily with Mark Rippetoe.

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