May 24, 2012

WELL, THAT’S DISAPPOINTING: gives in to Color of Change drops ALEC.

UPDATE: “A dangerous precedent.” I think the only way to remedy this is to go after lefty groups’ corporate support. Mutual Assured Destruction might bring peace. And if not, well, more lefty groups get corporate support anyway.

ANOTHER UPDATE: A reader emails:

I used to work for ALEC a few years ago and I represent my organization on one of their task forces and have for the past 5 years. I’m not sure if it’s worth pointing out because it looks like such a big deal when big companies like Amazon, Pepsi, Coca-Cola and Intuit pull their membership… but that’s all it really is. Membership money. They’ll no longer be on the roster of whichever task force they’re member of, if they even pay the few extra bucks for that added benefit.

Each company represents somewhere between $5,000-$10,000. Not a small amount of money, I admit, but its not the financial hit that the left wing is painting it as. The Gate Foundation was a big hit but they’ve already committed their money for 2012.

Either way, you can bet on the fact that those of us working for loyal, free market and individual liberty loving organizations/companies/associations are stepping up our financial backing so they can get through this mess.

Well, good.

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