May 22, 2012

YOU DON’T NEED A WEATHERMAN TO SEE WHICH WAY THE WIND IS BLOWING: Not when you can watch a weathervane like Colin Powell, anyway. “That Powell is now contemplating withholding his support for the once-‘transformational’ Obama says nothing about Mitt Romney, and everything about which way the wind is blowing in Washington. No one who fancies themselves as a wise elder and who hopes ever to serve again in government (especially on a well paid and lightly attended board or commission) has the nerve to defend Obama’s record robustly. Privately, many roll their eyes in disgust. But better to be mum for now, since everyone who is anyone or who might be helpful to another’s career will certainly understand not wanting to come right out and say the emperor has no clothes. I mean, how many people in government have Mayor Cory Booker’s integrity?”

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