May 21, 2012

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: 11 Public Universities With The Worst Graduation Rates.

UPDATE: Reader Clay Nielsen writes:

The collection of 11 worst public university graduation rates is a little misleading – at least as far as the Kent State University branch campuses are concerned. A majority of the students leaving these campuses early are simply using them as a low-cost way to get college prerequisites out of the way close to home. They spend a year of two there, to get a lot of the early classes out of the way, then transfer to their more expensive school of choice for specialty classes and eventual graduation.

It is a very common tactic here – I did it in the late 1970s and my son is pursuing the same strategy now. My daughter, who will graduate next year, plans a four-year private college course (ouch!).

Ouch, indeed.

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