May 17, 2012

I THINK IT’S A HUMAN-RIGHTS VIOLATION: Regardless Of What The Propaganda Says, This Is Not How A Free Society Treats People. But remember: Chuck Schumer, et al., aren’t trying to build a free society, or even to maintain one.

More here: “It is the foolish and counter-productive tax policies of the left that are chasing Eduardo Saverin to another country, just as they are chasing companies away in increasing numbers. It is even more foolish to punish those people for leaving — what we should do is stop punishing them with high taxes so that they stay. We need to compete against the likes of Singapore. Singapore doesn’t make enemies of its most dynamic entrepreneurs and instead adopts pro-growth policies rationally aimed at improving everyone’s living standards. Naturally, when other countries adopt rational tax regimes, those countries with irrational ones (likes us) are put at a terrible disadvantage, but it’s our own fault. In particular it’s the fault of those who now propose the ‘Eduardo Law.'”

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