May 15, 2012

SCUBA QUESTIONS ANSWERED: (1) What kind of equipment do I have? Mostly old. I have a fairly new Atomic Aquatics M1 regulator which replaced my old Dacor Viper a couple of years ago. I have a SeaQuest Passport travel BC that I need to replace soon as it’s getting kind of worn after ten years or so. I have a prescription dive mask (Genesis, I think) that’s the best money I’ve spent on gear (my vision’s not that bad, but it’s really nice to be able to see clearly) and a 7-year-old Suunto Vyper computer. (Before that I had a Suunto Favor-S).

(2) Who do I like to dive with? My favorite dive operator on Cayman is In Depth Watersports. I’ve known Nat Robb for quite a while (you can see him in this rebreather video I did back in 2006). The service is great, the boat (a Navy SEALs Rigid Inflatable Boat) is great, the whole experience is delightful. I also like Ocean Frontiers and Sunset Divers. But once you’ve done the “boutique dive operator” thing you won’t want to go back.

(3) Where do I like to stay? Usually on dive trips I stay at Sunset House, which caters to divers. When I took the family with me for a speaking gig in January they put us up in a nice beachfront condo, of which Cayman has many. Let TripAdvisor be your guide and you’ll do pretty well.

(4) What’s the best way to get started? Try a resort course, which will let you get some instruction in a pool and then dive with an instructor. Once you’ve done that, you’ll know if it’s worth going to the trouble of getting certified.

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