May 12, 2012


“The BBC Broadcasts Its Own Dhimmitude.”

— Headline at PJM, May 8th, 2012.

“BBC Thought for the Day: Climate-Change Deniers Are Like Terrorists, Slave Owners, Paedophiles, and Nazis — And They’re All Men!”

— Headline at Weasel Zippers, today.

You know, I’m slowly beginning to believe that the BBC’s antennas might just be aimed slightly, ever so slightly, to the left.

UPDATE: An Insta-reader emails, “BBC antennas aimed left? I think not. The Daleks at BBC have their antennas aimed firmly at humans, who for the most part they despise and would rid the world of.”

As Mark Steyn once wrote, “The ecochondriacs mean it: This’d be a pretty nice planet if we didn’t live here.”

UPDATE: David Preiser of the Biased BBC blog emails:

I noticed you posted a link to the Weazel Zippers blog about the ridiculous Thought for the Day. In case you weren’t aware, they did this to stifle debate, and partially as a reaction against the inevitable backlash coming from an outrageous episode of Question Time on Thursday, which has outraged many people in Britain. It all involved the latest conviction of a group of Muslim paedophiles in Rochdale for running a gang which raped and prostituted out young white girls from care homes. It’s a growing problem in certain areas of Britain, and apparently the police have been letting it go on and been afraid to do too much out of fear of being called racist. The BBC has a PC, multicultural agenda to promote, so had to try and kill the public’s outcry before it started.

A question was asked on Thursday’s Question Time about whether or not this latest incident was evidence of a cultural problem with Pakistani and Afghan Muslims emigrating to the UK. The entire panel, as well as many members of the audience tried to blame society at large instead, or say that it had nothing to do with race or culture (even though the defendants and the convicting judge made it clear that they viewed white girls as lesser beings and viable targets), and tried to say any talk of a cultural problem was racist. There was even a vicar who tried to blame the girls themselves for being too willing to give up their innocence.

You can watch the awful episode yourself on YouTube.

This and many other instances of BBC bias has been documented at the Biased-BBC blog. We also have a post up about the ludicrous Thought for the Day. The Thought for the Day piece is directly inspired by it – the wrong way, of course. You can’t truly appreciate how awful it is without knowing the full background of that Question Time episode, and the BBC’s history of stifling debate. It’s important for more people in the US to be aware of how bad the BBC’s bias is, not only because of the massive influence they have on public opinion and British voters, but because they’ve also increased spending on their website and on staff in the US in an attempt to capture more US eyeballs (and ad revenue). Not to mention the BBC World News America targeted directly at us and Katty Kay’s partisan appearances on MSNBC and NPR.

Much more at Biased BBC — just keep scrolling.

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