April 18, 2012


See, men use the medical system much less than women do. All those screening tests they’re canceling because they might find something expensive? Mostly used by women. But hey: “Although women tend to love the notion of government control more than men do, it is women who will be told they’ll have to cut back. On treatments. And years. You know we’ve been taking more than our share.”

It’s all about fairness. When women’s life expectancy is reduced to match men’s that’ll be fair. It’s Buffett-rule logic applied to health care. . . .

UPDATE: Related: “Current health care entails a significant redistribution from men to women (and I expect, from blacks to whites), as the ‘donors’ pay more in lifetime health insurance premiums than they incur in lifetime health costs, and the ‘recipients’ pay less in lifetime health insurance premiums than they incur in lifetime health costs.”

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Fran Akridge writes:

Years ago, I read that women who choose the career world have a life expectancy no better than men. It gave the suspected reason as the stress encountered in the working world. For the record, I suspect any statistical studies – primarily because so many of those who do them do not understand statistics.

That said, scheduling medical exams around work has never been easy. And, now retired, I get all tests and exams on-time – whereas, when working, I slipped a month or six regularly and went for years without “check-ups” – something I considered a real waste of time and money.

So, maybe, the reason men use less medical services is because more of them (at least until recently) worked and scheduling them was difficult. And, maybe the reason women with careers lived no longer than men was because scheduling the exams was difficult.

Interesting point.

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