April 12, 2012

THE ANCHORESS: Hilary Rosen, Ann Romney and the Credentialists. “There is irony in Rosen sneering that Ann Romney knows nothing about working women, while she, Rosen, supports an administration that pays its female employees less than men. But I digress. Rosen seems to truly not get why people, especially women (both working and at-home) took offense at this. . . . Because — unlike Rosen, or her favored women – I’ve actually lived the life of both struggling at-home mother and struggling working mom, I am inclined to take offense at the notion that a woman who finds her first vocation in child-rearing has surrendered her intellect, and therefore has nothing to say to the room. And make no mistake, that is precisely the sentiment that rests at the heart of Rosen’s remarks — an ugly disdain wholly at odds with the standard feminist rhetoric about the dignity of women and their choices.”

UPDATE: The Obama Campaign’s Framing Fail.

Hilary Rosen is on her way to making the Obama Administration as popular as she made the RIAA.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Bill Strieber emails: “Now Obama is saying that he and Michelle did not have the ‘luxury’ of her not working. Yeah… That tax burden can be a real hurdle to domestic tranquility.”

Michell wasn’t sounding like some waitress at a diner in Nevada back in 2008, when she was talking about how expensive dance lessons and private schools were . . . .

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