April 11, 2012

SPIN: WaPo skews presentation of a poll on the Obamacare case to bolster the argument that the Court should defer to Congress.

Only 25% of Americans — random Americans, not likely voters — want the law upheld in its entirety. 67% want it stricken down in whole (38%) or in part (29%). But the WaPo article on the poll is headlined: “More Americans expect Supreme Court’s health-care decision to be political.” On the is-it-law-or-politics question, 50% think the Court will go mostly on partisan politics, and only 40% think the Court will do what it purports to do and decide the case based on the law (or even mainly based on the law).

Do you see what WaPo is doing there? Highlighting the answer to the is-it-mostly-political question serves the agenda of those who want the law upheld.

Much more at the link.

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