April 11, 2012

TOM MAGUIRE: WaPo Media Watchdog Barks Up Wrong Tree, Protects NBC. “It looks as if Mr. Wemple was willing to follow the story until it actually led somewhere.” Media wagons, circled.

UPDATE: Associated Press “forgets” inconvenient part of Zimmerman story. “Funny how a major news organization could miss such a well-documented detail. It’s like they didn’t want to muddy the narrative with facts.”

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Jonathan Winkler writes:

Interesting in parallel with the circling of wagons on EditGate is that Politico and WaPo are reporting today on John Edwards returning campaign cash. If you read the stories, you get the impression Edwards bailed out of his 2008 campaign because of the sex scandal covered by the press. But they didn’t report on it during the campaign, and he dropped out because he wasn’t winning. But that narrative is awkward and involves the National Enquirer. Another media failure down the Memory Hole.

Keep rockin’!

Also: The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Memory Hole.

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