April 8, 2012

#DRUDGEFAIL: Matt Drudge is still running the bogus neo-Nazis-in-Sanford_Florida story a day after Prof. Jacobson debunked it. Jacobson even forced an update on the original source.

Jacobson emailed Drudge. Why hasn’t Drudge updated?

I love Drudge, but he’s really dropped the ball here.

UPDATE: A reader emails:

Glad you called out Drudge, as much as I love him, too. This morning my wife excitedly reported, on seeing Drudge: “Did you know there are neo-Nazis in Sanford?” Having Jacobson on RSS, I was like, “that is so 24 or 48 hours ago.” As awesome as all of you are, something’s wrong with this country if I have to keep up on you, Jacobson, and Althouse to have much of a clue of what’s really going on.

Well, nobody’s perfect, but this is an unforced error.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Several readers say that maybe Drudge took Easter off. I thought of that, but the page seems to have been updated yesterday. But perhaps it didn’t get his full attention. Lots of people took yesterday off, for Easter or Passover or whatever.

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