April 4, 2012

DECLARING PREEMPTIVE WAR ON THE JUDICIARY: Impeach the Supreme Court Justices If They Overturn Health-Care Law. These people really are losing it. And I thought they were against preemptive war . . . .

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UPDATE: Is striking down the individual mandate like stopping Congress from banning child labor? “It seems to me that younger, healthier individuals are being swept in to accumulate an immense fund that will be used to cover the expenses of older, sicker folks. It’s the exploitation of the young, ironically. But Koppelman doesn’t want you think precisely about what the legislation does, and who’s really being required to pay for what. He’d like to roll you up into a big ball of emotion where you visualize poor little children.” That’s what you do when you don’t have an actual argument. It’s for the children!

More on Koppelman’s emotional appeal here.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Ken Lightcap writes: “I remember growing up in the fifties and early sixties and seeing lots of ‘Impeach Earl Warren’ billboards throughout rural America. If my memory serves me there were more of them south of the Mason-Dixon Line but I know they were in rural Pennsylvania too. That was pretty effective, wasn’t it?”

Even the segregationists waited until after the Court had ruled, though.

MORE: Judicial Review, Chicago Style.

MORE STILL: A reminder from reader Kevin Patrick: “Note those ‘Impeach Earl Warren’ billboard protests were from Democrats then and Democrats again today. Both times Republicans have been on the correct side of history.” Ouch.

And another reader emails: “Rather hilariously, David Dow, the author of the Newsweek piece calling for the impeachment of the Supreme Court if they overturn the health care law, is the author of America’s Prophets: How Judicial Activism Makes America Great.” Only the right sort of judicial activism. Impeach the rest!

Only Dow’s impeachment piece is even more embarrassing than that. Reader Eric Fettmann writes to point out:

He’s not even writing about the right justice.

Samuel Chase is the justice who was impeached in 1805. Salmon Chase was the chief justice appointed by Abraham Lincoln in 1864.

Heh; I should have noticed that, but was so floored by the basic concept that I didn’t. So it’s a fail at all levels. Really, for a party/movement that’s allegedly led by a super-smart professor of constitutional law, I’m not seeing any particular evidence of brilliance here . . . .

And Prof. Stephen Clark writes: “Looks like the Democrat’s war against the Court is going about as well as the Sandra Fluke stunt.” At least people aren’t talking about gas prices.

STILL MORE: Reader DRJ writes: “Did Dow’s article initially say Salmon Chase instead of Samuel Chase? Because it says Samuel now and there isn’t a correction noted.”

Yes, it did. Here’s a screenshot, for any doubters.

The error was also noticed here.

FINALLY: DRJ emails: “The Correction is on page 2 at the end of the article. Maybe I read the article just as the correction was being made.” Maybe.

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