March 13, 2012

ANOTHER HAPPY READER: Michael Kauzlarich writes:

I just wanted to write to thank you for tuning me into Gary Taubes. As someone who has struggled most of his adult life with weight, I have been thrilled to see how effortlessly I have been able to lose weight by incorporating the concepts he highlights (15 pounds in 5 weeks and counting – and I can eat bacon!) As a physician, I intend to purchase a bulk order of his books and begin handing them out to the patients in my family practice when I get that inevitable question: “I’ve tried everything doc, but I can’t seem to keep the weight off. What can I do?”

I started a private practice about a year and a half ago, but in the previous 10 years I was a full-time professor in a family medicine training program, and as far as I’m concerned “Good Calories, Bad Calories” should be required reading for every single medical student. Very, very eye opening! Keep up the good work, sir. Your blog is essential daily reading for me!

Glad to help. I recommend both Why We Get Fat and Good Calories, Bad Calories.

And reader Cindy Follick writes: “I’ve been meaning to thank you for your repeated references to Gary Taubes. I have been pre-diabetic for over five years. I didn’t take it seriously for a long time, as I was only a couple of points over the limit (99) for fasting glucose. Last summer, though, it hit 113, and it began to sink in that it was a real problem. I eventually clicked on a Taubes link – I had been skipping over them – and in January my husband and I changed the way we eat. After five weeks, my fasting glucose is 92 and I’ve lost five pounds without trying. Many thanks!” Glad to be of help.

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