January 28, 2012

CHRISTINA HOFF SOMMERS: How The CDC Is Overstating Sexual VIolence In The U.S.

In fact, what the study reveals is the devastating impact that careless advocacy research can have on truth. The report proposes an array of ambitious government-sponsored “prevention strategies” and recommends “multi-disciplinary service centers” offering survivors psychological and legal counseling as well as housing and economic assistance. But survivors of sexual violence would be better served by good research and sober estimates — not inflated statistics and sensationalism.

The agency’s figures are wildly at odds with official crime statistics.

But perfectly aligned with funding prospects. Me, I’d rather see the CDC work on controlling actual diseases. rather than redefining behavior as a disease. But I was pointing out the politicization of public health back when InstaPundit was new.

UPDATE: Reader Mike Voncannon writes: “As someone who has been in Law Enforcement since the 70s, I know rape and sexual assault are under reported to Law Enforcement (for a host of different reasons). But for the CDC to claim that they are under reported by a factor of 93 hurts their efforts more than it helps. I know that the Sexual Assault Center in Knoxville and Safe Harbor in Sevierville who offer treatment and counseling to victims are struggling to fund their operations; but if anyone thinks this CDC study will help, they need professional help themselves.”

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