January 20, 2012

HEH: Mark Levin: Tell ABC’s Ross To ‘Find Out Who Obama’s Drug Pusher Was.’ “I want to know all about Gingrich’s love life, his wife, the cheating, this and that-you want to know about Obama’s drug dealer? No. Now he doesn’t want to know who Barack Obama’s drug dealer was…and we know Obama used drugs, he said so in his book.”

I don’t think we’ve ever even heard from any of his ex-girlfriends. They must be out there somewhere. Right?

UPDATE: Somebody should try to track down this woman mentioned in Dreams.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Kevin Greene writes: “When is Brian Ross going to interview Vera Baker?” Never. I have no idea whether there’s anything to those rumors — though for a variety of reasons I think it unlikely — but even if there is, I doubt she’d ever talk. While Newt’s angry ex can expect a lot of support for her complaining, a black woman who brought down Obama’s presidency could expect near-total isolation. Won’t happen even if — as I very much doubt — there’s a story there.

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