January 14, 2012

GERARD VAN DER LEUN: This is not a “Vote-For” election. This is a “Vote-Against” election. This is not a “Sit-It-Out-And-Pout” election. This is a “Get-Obama-Out” election. That is what it is about and that is all it is about.

UPDATE: Republican Primary Voters seem to get it: SC Republicans Boo Newt Gingrich Over Romney Attacks. 11th-commandment violations haven’t helped anyone this election cycle. Just ask Tim Pawlenty. (Bumped).

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Jody Green writes:

I am as disgusted as anyone at Newt going after Romney’s Bain record but I wanted to point to another made up press narrative. The only news was SC voters booed Newt but if you watch the whole question and answer, they only booed because of a process issue (Not allowed to mentioned other candidates) and not because of the answer. They actually clapped enthusiastically when he finished answering the question. You can see the whole thing starting at about the 4:14 mark of this video.


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