January 8, 2012

THE DEBATE THAT MADE NO DIFFERENCE: “At about 10:28pm tonight, as Mitt Romney pivoted from a question on tax loopholes and started in with, ‘the real issue is vision,’ I had recorded this thought in my notes, ‘He just clinched the nomination,'” Michael Barone writes.

UPDATE: Team Romney: Stephanopoulos has a strange obsession with contraception. (By Glenn).

ANOTHER UPDATE: Fairness lost. Stephanopoulos struggles with fairness during New Hampshire debate. “ABC News commentator George Stephanopoulos directed pointed, hard-edged questions to Republican presidential candidates during Saturday night’s New Hampshire debate, often attacking without providing evidence to justify his broadsides.”

Meanwhile, those interested in Griswold might be interested in my piece on the case, Sex Lies and Jurisprudence: Robert Bork, Griswold, and the Philosophy of Original Understanding. In short, I think that Griswold was correctly decided. However, were it applied faithfully, many other state and federal laws having nothing to do with contraception would have to go, too. Which would be fine with me . . . . (By Glenn).

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