December 12, 2011

HERSCHEL SMITH ON NO-KNOCK RAIDS: “Do SWAT teams want to play soldier so badly that they are willing to endanger the public, and are judges concerned enough about a ‘small amount of marijuana’ that they are willing to see military tactics used against U.S. citizens?” Yes. Next question?

Meanwhile, Vox Day achieves an almost-Steynian degree of pessimism, while others go farther. I, on the other hand, think America will not only survive, but flourish in the coming decades, most likely without hanging even a single politician from a lamppost. But I’m just one of those Pollyannas.

Meanwhile, one day I’m going to have to actually read Pollyanna. It’s one of those books that nobody reads, but that has become an expression. I’ve never even seen the movie, which as a Disney item likely took liberties. The popular usage is probably unfair. On the other hand, I’m pretty well-known for my sunny disposition. . . .

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