November 5, 2011

#OCCUPYFAIL: Chaos In DC: Occupy Protest Turns Violent.

UPDATE: With rape and sexual harassment a problem, separate women-only tents set up at Zuccotti. “The large, metal-framed ‘safety tent’ — which will be guarded by an all-female patrol — can accommodate as many as 18 people and will be used during the day for women-only meetings, said Occupy Wall Street organizers.”

This is proceeding like a parody written by Norman Spinrad and P.J. O’Rourke.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Union-backed Occupy Chicago thugs interrupt Scott Walker speech. Ann Althouse comments:

The rudeness is sickening. I don’t understand how the protesters imagine that they will win support from anyone that way. They do seem driven to preventing Walker from ever speaking, but in fact, he did speak after they left. He said:

“The bottom line is, no matter how loud you shout, the facts are the facts. The facts are that our reforms have worked and continue to work in the state of Wisconsin.”

It only makes him look better.

Indeed. Plus, in the comments: “They are the argument against themselves. They sound and look ugly and scary. It’s not a good protest. It is lacking in charm. The only way they can begin to look good is if someone gets physical or nasty against them, which they would then catch on camera and edit and post.” They keep this up, and even that’s not going to help.

MORE: Ray Patnaude emails: “My wife and I were at the AFP dinner. Some info on the AFP member who was pushed down the stairs by the protestors… she is the second woman the police are helping up in the Daily Caller video. Her name is Dolores Broderson, age 78. She rode on a bus for 11 hours from Detroit to get there. She went to the emergency room with a bloody nose and bruises on her hand and leg.”

STILL MORE: Reader Glenn Gallup writes: “The reason these guys use violence to try to silence their opponents is because they know Brian and Scott and whoever on CNN and all the press guys have their backs. And nobody in the Administration is going to do anything about it either. They think they are going to win.” They’re sadly mistaken.

Related: Fear Of Violence Spreading To OccupySeattle.

MORE STILL: Reader John MacDonald writes:

When the green movement in Iran protested , Obama didn’t tell the regime to get out of town like he told Mubarek & Gaddafi.

The Community Organizer in Chief didn’t tell the protesters to go home.In the past he’s used phrases like ‘ get in their faces” and never let a crisis go to waste (Rahmbo).You’re dealing with people that know exactly what they are doing and which buttons to push while wondering around like Mr. Magoo …and trying not to leave fingerprints.

The end justifies the means…so they’ll be ramping up for 2012. The sooner the Tea Party and independents know who they are dealing with and their objectives the better. Sept of 2012 is too late to figure out what’s really going on.


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