November 4, 2011

PROF. JACOBSON: NRA should release everything, or nothing. “As I have said before, all the facts should come out, not just the second- and third- hand characterizations we hear from Politico and others. Identify her; this is not a criminal rape case where there is a rape shield law or where newspapers follow a policy of not identifying the victims of sexual assault. If she wants to go public with her accusations she has no privacy interest behind which to hide. This is particularly so since various news organizations have been touting her professional accomplishments and good standing after leaving the NRA as a way of bolstering her credibility.”

Related: Tom Blumer: The Cain Scrutiny. “Those intent on stopping Cain believe that doing so has become a now-or-never proposition. That’s because in national polling, Cain is showing genuine signs of separating himself from the rest of the GOP field.”

UPDATE: Video: New Cain Ad: High-Tech Lynching. Brilliantly casting the likes of Cornel West and Harry Belafonte in the roles of Uncle-Tom facilitators. Or maybe House Negroes on the Democratic Plantation?

ANOTHER UPDATE: Ben Bradlee hypocrisy. Of course, my first thought was, Ben Bradlee’s still alive?

MORE: “Five days and what have we got? Nothing!”

Plus this: ‘Politico, the political daily of liberal pedigree that set the hounds on Mr. Cain, has not said what he is guilty of, or when, or where, or who says so.”

And: What Did Politico Know, And When Did They Know It? “Last evening I sent a series of questions via Twitter to the 4 authors bylined on the Herman Cain “sexual harassment story.” And I did so because it occurred to me that one component of this story that no one seems to be asking about is what, exactly, did the Politico reporters know of any confidentiality or non-disclosure agreements by which either/both Herman Cain and the two women cited anonymously in the Politico story were bound. So far, I haven’t received a single response.”

STILL MORE: Bryan Preston on the Cain ad: “I don’t buy the notion that the way Politico handled the story has anything to do with race (politics and party affiliation, obviously yes), but pitting Cain up against Al Sharpton, Cornel West and Harry Belafonte as this ad does can only help Cain. He looks reasonable, they look like racist nuts.”

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