November 1, 2011

ANN COULTER: Would Politico have run the Cain story about a white Republican? I think so. But they probably would have covered for a white Democrat, the way they did for John Edwards. Read the whole post, though, which is a good roundup.

UPDATE: Keli Carender emails: “I’m at one airport, my sister’s at another, and of course they’re both playing CNN, and it’s wall-to-wall coverage of Cain and the harassment charge. Two things: first, they aren’t bringing people on who will defend Cain or at least criticize the poor reporting involved, and second, they are reporting and commenting on it as though it is hard fact and there are no questions about what went on. And all this with thousands of people as a captive audience, getting fed the narrative that Cain either lacks integrity and is a pervert, or is an amateur. I’m sure this is all coincidence. Your question about whether or not Politico would have run a similar piece about Obama stands for CNN as well. Somehow I don’t see Wolf Blitzer allowing this sort of one-sided attack to go unchallenged if the attack was against Obama. As Rush says, the elites will always show you who they’re afraid of.”

MORE: Ed Driscoll: We Know Exactly How CNN Would Have Responded.

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