October 26, 2011

VIDEO: Rise Of The Obamavilles. “The little tent cities they’ve created resemble nothing so much as they resemble … Hoovervilles. Sure, most of the protesters aren’t homeless, but many are jobless — and that’s the point. Whatever they say it is they’re protesting, they wouldn’t have “occupied” whatever street or city they’re occupying if the country were in a time of lower unemployment. Many of the policies President Barack Obama has championed — not least Obamacare — have contributed to the country’s joblessness. So, it seems neither unfair nor inappropriate to say, regardless of whether they realize it or call it by name and regardless of who else has contributed to the borderline corrupt culture of a federal government in bed with business, the protesters are, in fact, protesting the Obama economy. And that would make those Hoovervilles … Obamavilles.”

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