October 24, 2011

INSTAPUNDIT TEST DRIVE: So I dropped by the local Audi dealer the other day and they had an Audi A7. I test-drove it and it’s a really nice car. You’d expect that from the price tag, but it’s nicer even than that. The one I drove was black, with black interior, which color combination I wasn’t crazy about, but the car has very nice, swoopy lines — more sports-car-ish than sedanlike. There was a silver one on the lot, already sold, that looked terrific, as that color really highlights the lines. The interior is high-quality-Audi, which means that it’s extremely nice. Seats very comfortable. On the road it’s extremely fast, but very smooth. Acceleration up a freeway ramp feels even faster than its 5.4 second zero-to-sixty time suggests. Handling on twisty back roads is extremely taut and smooth. My only negative would be that it’s so smooth you’re likely to go faster than you really should, and not even realize it.

Really a terrific car, even for its rather steep price point. Only real downsides are (1) not-so-great mileage; and (2) uncertain reliability in a first-year-out car from Audi. But hey, if you’ve got 70+ grand to spend on a car, you’ll want to give it a serious look. For Audi, my only concern would be that it will cannibalize both A6 and A8 sales, because it’s a better car than either of them.

Meanwhile, speaking of cars I can’t afford, my daughter and I were out the other day and saw an R8 Spyder. She said it was the best-looking convertible she’s ever seen, but was a bit shocked to hear that it costs over $120K. Still, given her strong opinions on automotive design, that’s worth mentioning.

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