October 15, 2011

DEMOCRACY IN AMERICA: Sharpton: “If you won’t get the jobs bill done in the suite, we will get the jobs bill done in the street!”

Up yours, Al, you pathetic Jew-hating demagogue. And together with the anti-semitism we’ve seen elsewhere, this kind of talk is making me ready to call for a temporary suspension of Godwin’s Law. But beware of other legal issues.

Related: Nazis and Communists Throw Their Support Behind Occupy Wall Street Movements.

Also: Video: Occupy Portland Protesters Sing…”F*ck the USA”.

And: Obama Campaign Seeks To Capitalize On Anti-Wall Street Anger. President Goldman Sachs thinks the protesters will be useful. So what does that make them?

And where’s ThinkProgress?

UPDATE: Reader Antoinette Aubert writes: “The problem with calling everyone you disagree with a Nazi is that it makes the term meaningless. On the other hand when a group of people blame all the world’s problems on a small Jewish cabal and yell for all the Jews to get out of the country, well that IS the meaning of Nazi.”

Close enough for government work, anyway.

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