October 11, 2011

THE HILL: Democrats scramble to save face on President Obama’s jobs bill. “Democratic leaders in the Senate are scrambling to avoid defections on President Obama’s jobs package, which appears headed for defeat on Tuesday. A lack of Democratic unity on the president’s bill would be embarrassing for the White House, which has been scolding House Republicans for refusing to vote on the measure. Obama has been touring the country, aiming to put pressure on the GOP to act. But Senate Democrats have indicated they are feeling some heat. Last week, Democratic leaders revised Obama’s bill, scrapping his proposed offsets. Instead of raising taxes on families making more than $250,000 annually, Senate Democrats lifted that figure to $1 million. Despite the changes, the legislation still does not enjoy the support of all 53 senators who caucus with the Democrats. A handful of Democrats are undecided or leaning no on the bill.”

UPDATE: Reader Paul Burich writes: “The GOP is showing its absolute fecklessness right now when it should be on the offensive. The GOP should have LONG AGO produced a bill to counter Obama’s ‘Jobs Bill’ and marketed it relentlessly: roll back the last 5 years of regulations, a simplified flat tax for both corporations and individuals, roll back spending to 2008 levels via an across the board CUTS (not reductions in the rate of growth). The GOP has fallen into the Waiting for Godot (Supercommittee) trap. Does anybody actually believe that a group that includes John Kerry et al is going to produce anything meaningful? This is all very distressing–but not at all surprising. The GOP is only slightly less venal than the Dems, and considerably less bold.”

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